Gain the skills you need to become a junior software developer in just six months.
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Here at Vivixx we are making software development a skill that is accessible to all Filipinos to transform our people from consumers to creators of technology.

What is a coding bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps started in the USA in 2013 as a way to quickly develop people with no experience into junior software developers within a six-month timeframe.


Our course is an immersive experience where you will be taking a deep dive into technology and focusing on the needs of employers for today and the future. We recognise that technology is moving fast so we teach you how to learn and how to problem solve — there will always be updates in technology but you need to know how to effectively source the solutions.

"Code is poetry"

Jason Bruno
Instructor at Vivixx Academy Coding Bootcamp

We use trainers plucked straight out from industry so that they teach you what is required in a real world working environment.

We teach 2 stacks — Ruby on Rails and also Javascript to ensure you have the most in demand skill set.

We get you coding and building applications immediately so that you are able to demonstrate your knowledge with practical applications.

We encourage you to attend meetups, community events and hackathons to keep you close to the industry ecosystem.

We also arrange a 1 month internship at the end of the course so that you can put your new skills to the test and experience the demands of the industry.


Our course curriculum is driven by what the industry wants. We hold a formal Industry steering committee to discuss the skills needs, technologies and new directions for our software development industry. These employers, recruiters and thought leaders ensure our curriculum is giving our students every chance of success.

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