This is a six (6) month full face-to-face commitment. You will be taught by industry experts who will give you the fundamentals and then use a project based methodology to get you productive and work ready as quickly as possible.

This course is designed for:
career changers:

Almost every industry is now being driven by technology. Many of our past students have already had range of careers and realised that technology is at the core of future development. If you are interested in a new career applicable to a broad range of industries then coding is a fantastic way to make this transition.


You have a great idea or are expanding your current startup. Coding enables you to build your own prototypes and then communicate effectively with developers and other key players in the business community.


You are realising that technology is the primary agent of change at your workplace. For you to take every opportunity within your industry and drive yourself to your peak then a firm grasp on digital literacy is essential. Learn how to make your workplace more efficient and disrupt your current operations with the ability to create, integrate and excel.



A typical day in the life of our boot camp is intensive and action packed.

9AM - 10AM catch-up time
The lead trainer is available to answer questions and help you through any problems you might have been facing.
The lead trainer and teaching assistant will take you through a new concept for the day and explain the theory and fundamentals.
12:30PM - 1:30PM lunch
Fuel yourself up for the rest of the day.
1:30PM - 5:30PM challenge time
Challenges are set for you and your peers to complete. You are also given time to dedicate to your projects and ongoing builds.
5:30PM - SLEEP research
Lots of extra research and development in this never-ending learning cycle. Many students stay back and keep challenging themselves.
SLEEP - 9AM dream time
Imagine yourself as the next Elon Musk or Steve Jobs!



  • Logical and critical thinking
  • Full-stack web development (HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and Javascript)
  • Computer Science Fundamentals
  • Database Design and Architecture
  • Web Application and Development
  • Third Party Applications (API) Integration
  • Cloud-based Deployment Systems
  • Mobile Technology Application Fundamentals
  • Project Management Skills
  • Coding Challenges
  • Interview Skills

Our 26 week course is split into 4 terms with a short break between each term.

The basics of the web environment including HTML, CSS and programming concepts. You will build your own portfolio web site and clone a number of web applications. You will be introduced to your first programming language - Ruby.
Web application design process, industry tools and database. Ruby on Rails and deploying your first application. An introduction to a new language - Javascript.
Learn Javascript using NodeJS and React and solve problems for a real world client. Challenge yourself with code testing and prepare for interviewing and recruitment.
Put your skills to the test. Work as a remote or in-person intern at a wide range of tech companies. Learn to work as a team and communicate with tech professionals in a dynamic deadline-driven environment.

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We have a variety of projects that must be completed as part of your journey into the tech industy.

Personal Profile Website
Community-Driven Solution Project
Multi Application Integration Project


Trent Shields

Academic Director

Trent is brilliant and driven indigenous professional who has spent the last several years working within the Enterprise Architechture division of Woolworths. This, in addition to his expertise translating business vision and strategy into effective enterprise change.

Trent is also an expert agnostic coder, meaning he's well-versed in many programming languages. He's a proud and involved member of the indigenous community, and has a knack for acting as a role model to all those he meets.

Jamie Cerexhe

Lead Teacher

Jamie is a self-taught software developer who switched careers after finding a passion for coding. While maintaining a management role at the software development agancy Dev Haus X, Jamie spend most of his time preparing students for professional development as Sydney's Fast Track head teacher.

Jason Bruno

Lead Teacher

Jason is an IT Rockstar with over 10 years of professional experience in Graphic Design and Systems Development with experience in Server Operations. He is a Full Stack Developer with a rich experience in modern technologies especially in the field of automation, real state, and information management.

He is confident in an agile work environment and is willing to learn and work with others, which helps explain his success as community builder. jason is one of the Philippines' foremost Wordpress experts, and an unabashed Open Source Advocate.


Our next course is scheduled to commence on January 15, 2018. Applications can be made directly here.


Must be minimum of 18 years of age to apply.

All classes are taught in English. You must have a minimum of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent to attend the course.

All applicants will be screened and must attend in-person or Skype interview.


International Students tuition 300,000 php

Domestic Students tuition 240,000 php

Tuition includes all class materials, a comfortable class room, break out areas, high speed internet access.

Tuition does not include food, accomodation or a laptop. Your laptop should be a 2011 model or newer with at least 4MB of RAM. Your experience will be better with a Mac/Linux machine but Windows is acceptable.