industry partners

Become part of our international network of industry employers. We maintain this network to keep abreast of the ongoing changes within the global tech industry and to also closely listen to what skills (both technical and non-technical) are sought after in today's workplace.

Our network also provides internships for our students and hire from our graduate pool as their needs arise.

Benefits of joining our network include:

  • Giving back to industry and supporting fresh graduates
  • Participating in academic steering committees
  • Providing mentors to enhance staff professional development
  • Access to alumni pool
  • Invitation to relevant industry events
  • General brand promotion

our steering commitee network

contact us to discuss your involvement at 1300 480 759

mentorship program

We regularly provide mentors to visit our students in class or via webcams to talk about their experiences and how they navigated their career paths. They generally love talking about the problems they are solving and what technology stacks they are using.

our mentor network

Some of our mentor network includes:

Harry Patrick Murphy

CO fOUNDER Linkage wEB Design


CEO Arya Land

Michael Chris C. Lopez

javascript developer


Jeffrey Nerona

Senior Web Developer

Engr. Rucel Britanico Virata

Civil Engineer
(Board Exam Topnotcher)

to become a mentor, contact us at +63 74 619 7787 / +63 917 501 7787

become a trainer

We work in strong partnership with Switch Maven, a global operator of coding boot camps. We are open to having people come on board as coding bootcamp instructors.


women in front scholarship

At Vivixx we are keen to help address the global gender gap by giving more opportunities to women who are seeking a career in the tech industry.

Our scholarship is awarded to one (1) female per class intake and covers 80% of the tuition fees. The scholarship is awarded based on the judging of a portfolio submission to describe how they will add to gender balance once they are working within the tech industry.

Scholarship applications close thirty (30) days prior to the course start date and applicantsare given a decision after their portfolio is reviewed and an interview is conducted.

please read the terms and conditions and follow the application steps at the end.