Policies and Procedures

Applications are received via the electronic application form on our website. All applications will be processed by a Student Service Officer (SSO) and applicants will be contacted within seven (7) days to arrange a telephone/in-person or Skype interview.

Every course requires applicants to demonstrate their ability, prior to admission, to manage the rigours of the course and to successfully complete the course. Entry requirements are fair and equitable. They do not exclude any applicant who is able to demonstrate that they can reasonably attempt the course and are likely to complete it.

Interviews are kept fairly informal and are carried out to determine attitude, willingness to commit to the time requirements and to assess the reality of the student aspirations in reference to the course applied to.

We also welcome parents and friends to come along so that we can walk them through our campus and discuss the course in details. We invite you to bring your portfolio along to showcase your passion and coding talents - however this is optional.

Your portfolio should reflect your personality, your coding talents, and your passion for the tech industry. We do not expect to see professional quality work because we understand that you are just starting out on your learning path, and we are here to help you develop your skills. Your portfolio may come in all shapes and sizes, in any format (printed, digital, etc.) you are comfortable with.

All courses are taught in English and we require a level of English language proficiency of approximately IELTS 5 or above.

Admissions staff then determine if the applicant is suitable for admission to the course by checking the outcome of the interview and that the applicant has met the course entry requirements. If applicant is suitable for admission to the course, Admissions send a Letter of Offer, invoice and payment options to the nominated address and/or email address.

When the applicant accepts the offer and payment of the initial tuition fee is confirmed, Admissions sends:

A Letter of Acceptance (LOE)
Student Welcome Pack
Information about Orientation Day

The LOE must take account of the relevant intake dates.

Any rejection of an application for admission to the course is explained to the applicant in writing.

Course fees include tuition, resource materials, excursion expenses, medical services and internet access. It excludes accommodation, meals and other equipment such as laptops.

Fees are:

Domestic students 240,000 php
International students 300,000 php

Fees are payable in advance. Domestic students have 2 options
  1. Full fee upfont: 240, 000 php (discounted to 220, 000 php)
  2. Pain in four (4) installments of 60, 000 php per installment


1.1. First instalment of tuition fees must be paid in order to obtain a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and must be paid no later than the first day of classes.


2.1. Where a student fails to submit payments within a timeframe set by the Academy, the student will be notified and cautioned via the following means in order of listing;

2.1.1. A formal notice of overdue payment letter sent via mail to the student’s address of residence. This notice will state the original due date for the payment, the original amount outstanding and the total amount due inclusive of the additional fee.

2.1.2. A reminder notification via the student’s email account.

2.1.3. A meeting with a Student Service Officer (SSO) to discuss the student’s circumstances.

2.2 Should a student fail to comply with the requirements communicated via means set out in paragraph 2.1, Vivixx reserves the right to;

2.2.1. Suspend access to Vivixx facilities, lessons, computers and projects

2.2.2. Withhold transcripts, certificates, other documentation and services.

2.2.3. Suspend the student from studying at Vivixx within 10 working days of initial notification.

2.2.4. Pursue legal action to recover the debt when necessary.

2.3. Where a student experiences difficulty paying tuition fees due to financial hardship, he or she may apply to pay his or her tuition fees under a payment plan. Payment plans may not be offered retrospectively and are not available to commencing students. Subject to the conditional clauses outlined below, Vivixx may, at its discretion, agree to the establishment of a payment plan provided that;

2.3.1. A written statement is submitted to a Student Service Officer (SSO) along with relevant documentation that may be used as evidence of the student’s financial hardship.

2.3.2. All terms and conditions of the payment plan are agreed upon by the student in writing.


Students are requested to be respectful of all people and property they encounter while studying our course.

Students must attend all classes of study at a minimum attendance rate of 85% to all scheduled classes. Where a student is unable to attend, notice must be given to Vivixx by way of telephone or written communication. Acceptable reasons include sickness, genuine emergencies or compassionate leave.

Students must complete all project work and tests conducted and may be regularly called upon to present applications and represent group activities.

Where visits to employers or excursions are required students must behave appropriately and professionally to maintain the reputation of the Academy.


Internships will only be offered to students who complete all requirements of the course. This includes attendance, projects and any other assessment activities conducted throughout the course.

If a student is unsuccessful during the internship due to absence , attitude or poor communication standards it is at the discretion of Vivixx and Switch Maven to offer an alternative internship placement.

To ensure a meaningful, productive and successful Placement experience for the student.


The Student will:

1.1. Have interviews scheduled with one or more host internship companies and is mandatory to attend interviews organised between SM Academy, The Host Internship Companies and the Student;

1.2. Undertake a placement with a host internship company once successful after the interview stages as outlined in the SM Academy program for successful completion of the course;

1.3. Agree to undertake a placement with the Host Company as long as the position duties and skills are relevant to your course as per the SM Academy Program;

1.4. Satisfy any reasonable preconditions for the placement program imposed by the Host Organisation (e.g. signing non-disclosure agreement for privacy reasons);

1.5. Complete and pass any preparatory activities required by SM Academy as part of the program and/or by the Host Organisation;

1.6. Read and become familiar with the provisions of this Code and any specific provisions applying to the placement program as outlined in the relevant subject outline.


The Student will:

2.1. Comply with all requirements for undertaking the placement program (including attendance, dress code, behaviour);

2.2. Comply with reasonable directions given by the Host Organisation and/or SM Academy in connection with the placement;

2.3. Comply with reasonable directions given by the Host Organisation and/or SM Academy in connection with the placement;

2.4. Be available to undertake activity during the scheduled hours agreed to between the Host Organisation and SM Academy;

2.5. Notify the Placement Coordinator and the Academic Supervisor in a timely manner of any unscheduled absences from the Host Organisation during the placement;

2.6. Comply with policies and procedures of the Host Organisation, including those relating to WHS and employment equity and diversity;

2.7. Adhere to the standards of professional behaviour appropriate and set by the Host Organisation; (behave in an appropriate manner consistent with relevant Host Organisation policies, codes, standards and rules)

2.8. Comply with policies and procedures of the Host Organisation, including those relating to WHS and employment equity and diversity;

2.9. At all times appropriately and responsible for the use of the resources of the Host Organisation;

2.10. Maintain appropriate levels of communication with SM Academy regarding his or her progress during the placement, including complying with any specific communication requirements specified by the SM Academy;

2.11. Undertake all assessment activities required in relation to the placement in compliance with the SM Academy Program;

2.12. Preserve the confidentiality of information concerning the Host Organisation, its employees, clients and its operations obtained during the placement;

2.13. In the case of not successfully completing your time dedicated to an internship company, you will NOT receive another opportunity with a company in the SM Academy Internship network. However an alternative assessment opportunity may be granted depending on the individual circumstance.


The Student will:

3.1. Provide written advice in a timely manner to SM Academy in relation to the hazard or incident affecting the student during the placement;

3.2. Where required, must provide a medical certificate or other documentation deemed necessary to SM Academy for any absence from scheduled attendance at the Host Organisation of more than 1 (one) day;

3.3. Be responsible for applying for academic consideration for any absence during the placement that significantly impairs your overall assessment task in the required time.


A Certificate of Training (COT) will be awarded to successful graduates of the Vivixx Coding Boot Camp within two (2) months of the completion of the internship period.

The Certificate will be endorsed by Vivixx Academy & Switch Maven Academy.

Certificates are awarded when students have demonstrated competency via:

  1. Maintaining the required attendance rate
  2. Completing all required tests and projects competently
  3. Completing the internship placement